All established Tango venues on a single London Milonga Map. Venues with a good attendance rate are marked with either a round 'Red' (day) or 'Blue' (night) marker. 'Green' markers indicate outdoor events (summer months usually) and 'Shadow' markers show currently suspended venues. Venues with a red 'Pin' or blue Pin' are either fairly new, smaller in size or simply have not reached attendance/popularity levels of others.

Good to know: Filter venues by 'day of the week' using the ⇒│   menu item located at the top left hand side of the map, which makes it extremely easy to locate venues taking place on certain days etc. Simply slide out the map menu and (de-)select any days you are interested in or not and hey presto you only see what you want to.

★ ratings are based on personal experiences of these venues. Lower ratings do not necessary mean Milonga venues are not worth visiting, it may simply indicate a lower attendance or other factors considered when applying the rating at the time. More details about the ratings can be found on << London Milonga Reviews >>